Opening Ceremony & Sir Robert Macintosh Lecture

Opening Ceremony

Saturday 2 June, 08:30 – 09:45  – Room A1


Opening speeches
  • Stefan De Hert, President
  • Radmilo Jankovic, Secretary
  • Susanne Wammen, President Danish Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
  • Honorary Members

Plenary Session
Sir Robert Macintosh Lecture

Saturday 2 June, 09h45 – 10h30 – Room A1

“Anaesthesia in the 21st century: from the IV Doctor to the Intensivist-Anaesthesiologist.”

Presented by Prof Claude Martin, Marseille, France.

Zeus will have a rendez-vous with the beautiful Leda. Zeus said to himself: “In the name of God (er, er in my own name). “I am getting old. I shall have plastic surgery to look as young as I did at the beginning of Eternity”. As he was worrying about the risk of anaesthesia, he went to see the Pythia from the Delphic Oracle.” Zeus, King of Gods and God of Kings, there is no minor anaesthesia and serious complications may always occur”. So Zeus came to see Asclepios, God of Medicine, and said to him: “Asclepios, can you manage all the serious complications of anaesthesia”. Asclepios said “Yes Sir” Indeed he said “Yes Zeus, my God, I can because my Masters told me: ”You’ll be an Intensivist (too), my son”.

When returning to Mount Olympus, Zeus was hit by Phoebus cart and seriously injured. Asclepios, who was on duty, saved his life because he was also an expert in the management of haemorrhagic shock. Since that time Anaesthesiologists are indeed Intensivist-Anaesthesiologists.


With a little help from

The ESA Board of Directors

Bayard Kipling, Poem “IF” 1910

The Mount Olympus Medical Journal, 1500 BC


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