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Abstract presenters will be required to make a formal presentation in front of the e-poster terminal.

Poster submission will open on 3rd May 2018.

Before submission opens, abstract presenters will receive an email with all the instructions to submit their e-poster(s) through a dedicated online system.

It is the presenters’ responsibility to submit their e-poster(s). Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted and the poster will be removed from the session.


E-Poster Presentation

Your poster will be shown on interactive poster terminals. See more details about the terminals on www.morressier.com.  

If you already want to prepare your poster, please consider the following requirements:

Each poster must be submitted as a single page PDF document with a size of 1’080 by 1’536 pixels or 381 by 542 mm in portrait orientation.

In order to create your poster, you can download a PowerPoint- or Keynote template which has already the right dimensions and recommended font sizes. Those templates only need to be exported into a PDF. You can find those poster templates with the right dimensions here.

You can enrich your poster by embedding videos (30 seconds) into your poster. Your poster has to be saved in .PPTX format if you use videos. Afterwards, upload your PowerPoint poster file including your videos online. Videos will be played muted. If you don’t have videos included, your poster must be submitted as a PDF. PPT-Files can’t be accepted.

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