Cash prizes of € 3.000, € 2.000 and € 1.000 are awarded to the best three abstracts presented at Euroanaesthesia.

Papers for the Best Abstract Prize Competition (BAPC) are selected by the ESA Scientific Committee.

Each nominee will give a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion of the abstract.

The Best Abstract Prize competition session is scheduled on Sunday 3 June 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00. The three best abstracts will be announced after the presentations.

The 6 nominees who will compete during the 2018 Best Abstract Prize Competition (BAPC) are:

1. Submental ultrasound in the assessment of difficult mask ventilation

Han-Yu Lin (Taipei, Taiwan)

2. Expiratory Ventilation Assistance during mandatory ventilation in porcine ARDS improves arterial oxygenation – a randomized controlled animal study

Johannes Schmidt (Freiburg, Germany)

3. Postoperative outcome after hip fracture surgery – the impact of after-hours surgery

Rasmus Åhman (Linköping, Sweden)

4. Critical care after lung resection – Influence of anaesthetic and analgesic technique

Izabella Orzechowska (London, United Kingdom)

5. Gold nanorods-based thermosensitive hydrogel produces selective long-lasting regional anaesthesia triggered by photothermal activation of TRPV1 channel

Peng Liang (Chengdu, China)

6. The effect of buffered lidocaine in local anaesthesia during subcutaneous implantable venous access devices insertion: a prospective, randomized, double-blind study

Hosni Khouadja (Sousse, Tunisia)

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